BMA Parish Census 2015

BMA 2015 parish census forms were emailed to many parishioners and will be made available at all Masses to other parishioners. Please read the form’s simple instructions, fill it out for your entire family living in the household, and bring it back to Mass or mail it back to the parish office. Ideally, please print both pages on two sides of the same sheet! It is very important to hear from everyone soon to continue assessing the parish’s needs.

If anyone needs assistance with filling out the form, please bring it to either of the parish churches on Sunday or to the office, where there will be people able to assist you.  If not sure of the dates of the sacraments received, it is sufficient to put down the church name and location and an approximate year. 

We encourage you to share your email on the census form to receive timely updates on parish life and events.  People who moved out of the area or who left the parish are asked to notify the parish office (716-366-2307) or write on the census form a brief request to be removed from the BMA parish membership roster. Thank you for your prompt reply. 

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