St. Hyacinth's Mosaics

St. Hyacinth's church has two beautiful mosaics created by Heinz Gaugel in 1966. More information about the artist and his works can be found at this link and the text below:

Nero Journal, Mansfield, o. Himdsy, Dec. 11,1975 350-Pound Statue Area Artist completes Niagara Falls Sculpture Travelers to Niagara Falls will have an opportunity to view first-hand the work of a Central Ohio artist which stands on a small knoll in the park overlooking the cascading waters of the American and Canadian falls. The work of art, a life-size sculpture of Tuscarora Indian Chief Clinton Rickard, was completed last fall by Heinz Gaugel who lives in the Amish country of Holmes County. Gaugel, a personal friend of the late chief, was an honored guest and speaker during unveiling ceremonies at Niagara Falls. Work on the memorial was an 18-month-long project of artist Gaugel at his workshop near Charm. Casting of the 350-pound statue took several months and was done in cooperation with Ed Parr of Strasburg whose innovative casting technique uses a combination of fiberglass and resins. Gaugel has proven his expertise hi many mediums of the art world and his past works include stained glass windows, al frescoes, sgraffitos and mosaic murals.

Best known of his mosaic murals is his interpretation of "The Last Supper" at St. Hyacinth's Church in Dunkirk, N.Y. This mural contains one and a half million thumb-nail size pieces of colored glass in 620 shades and is the largest mosaic ever done on the American continent as a one- man project. Another well-known work is an exterior mural of glazed brick located at Fount Hill. Canada. Measuring 44 by 66 feet, it contains 20.000 bricks each individually glazed and fired by a Columbus firm.

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