JOIN A NEW BIBLE STUDY AT B.M.A. - The Bible Timeline

Any adult is invited to join a new Bible Study offered at our parish. It is s 24-week-long study, on Thursdays, 7-9 PM, starting Sept. 3 and ending on May 12, 2016, with breaks for holidays, Christmas, and Holy Week.
The Bible Timeline DVD series in which Jeff Cavins provides comprehensive teaching and commentary on the fourteen narrative books of the Bible. Each 50-55 minute talk is designed to accompany a lesson in The Great Adventure 24 Week Course. The Bible Timeline is the introductory study of The Great Adventure.
A combination of individual reading and study, group discussion, and lecture commentaries guide participants as they read through the 14 narrative books of the Bible and discover the meaning of each in light of the whole. The Bible Timeline is an immensely rich study, delving deep into each time period of salvation history. The Bible Timeline is basic enough to suit those who haven't studied the Bible before while at the same time offering ways to go deeper that will challenge the Bible study veterans. The Bible Timeline has been granted the Imprimatur by Justin Cardinal Rigali, Archbishop of Philadelphia.
Participants will: read for themselves the 14 narrative books of the Bible - the ones that tell the story - in chronological order, discover the major people, places, events and themes of the Bible, learn God's marvelous plan of salvation history and see how your faith story fits into "His-story", develop a strong foundation for further Bible reading and study, gain a greater appreciation for the Scripture readings they hear at Mass, encourage one another as they learn together how God's Word applies to their lives, and study key Old Testament passages in light of their fulfillment in Christ.
You may register and order study books now online at: (Buy a Study Set)